Epidemiology and Public Health in the Age of Blockchain

What is a blockchain in a public health context? Blockchain could be defined by 3 main characteristics : 1. Blockchain Is Not Just Bitcoin But A Public Ledger A blockchain can be described as a public ledger to which anyone can contribute. The ledger keeps track of transactions that are validated by a network of[…]

Blockchains and Pharmacies: a New Way of Leveraging Medication Adherence

BLOCKCHAINS AND PHARMACIES: A NEW WAY OF LEVERAGING MEDICATION ADHERENCE     Non-adherence to a treatment is becoming an important public health issue. This bad behavior is accountable for 125,000 deaths in the U.S. alone and costs the country $300B each year. There are multiple reasons that explain why patients do not take their treatment[…]

ICEEFest 2017: New Opportunities in Healthcare with Blockchain (video)

  I had the pleasure to talk about the blockchain technology in healthcare at ICEEFest 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. Find more information about the event here: http://www.iceefest.com       Full transcript of the talk:    Trust is the key to our economic and financial system. It is the single most important element that allows individuals[…]

blockchain game changer health industry

Why Blockchain for Healthcare is a Game Changer

WHY BLOCKCHAIN FOR HEALTHCARE IS A GAME CHANGER     In 2017, blockchain will change healthcare. Although this might seem like a bold statement, the facts show that this years could mark a turning point in the sector’s history. Blockchain for Healthcare is on its way to disrupt the industry.   Blockchain, ICOs, AI. Healthcare[…]

Solving Big Pharma’s Trust Issues With Blockchain

PHARMA FIRMS CAN SOLVE ISSUES OF TRUST WITH BLOCKCHAIN. BUT ARE THEY WILLING TO?   For a very long time, the pharmaceutical industry has had the wind in its sails. Revolutionary drugs called “blockbusters” were released into the market to cure, until then, fatal diseases, laboratories were the main source of innovation in the medical[…]

Leveraging Sustainable Innovation in Healthcare

Leveraging Sustainable Innovation in Healthcare         Innovation in healthcare is essential to leverage better public health as well as economic wealth. As access to care improves and technological innovation brings new perspectives in the medical field, the population’s expectations increase. People aim for stricter food and drug security measures, improved traceability and[…]

Blockchain in Healthcare : a New Revolution is Coming

Blockchain in Healthcare : a New Revolution is Coming         This is an English translation of the original article published in Cotidianul.ro in Romanian about blockchain in healthcare.     Over the last 20 years, the economic system has moved from a centralized model around large organizations that provide goods or services to[…]

5 Infographics Explaining How Blockchain Can Change Healthcare

Although there have been many therapeutic innovations over the past years, the health care system hasn’t evolved much. Doctors struggle to find their patient’s complete medical records, fake drugs invade the market in developing countries causing great public health issues and patients don’t trust the pharmaceutical industry to release effective drugs on the market based[…]