Virtual Reality – A New Tool For Psychologists

  Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that allows the user to interact with a computer-generated environment. Large companies such as Google or Samsung were among the first ones to invade the market with head-mounted displays and interactive clothing. Thus, users are no longer passive spectators in front of their screen but active participants in[…]

Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare

Blockchain Use Cases in Healthcare Use Case #1 : Drug Traceability What is the problem? Drug counterfeiting is a major problem in the pharmaceutical industry. Here are some metrics revealed by the Health Research Funding Organisation: 10% to 30% of the drugs sold in developing countries are counterfeit; The counterfeit drug market is worth $200 billion annually;[…]

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TOP 5: Meilleurs Papiers sur la Blockchain dans la Santé

For the English version, click here La Blockchain est la nouvelle technologie dont tout le monde parle. Cependant, beaucoup ne comprennent pas ce que c’est, comment cela fonctionne et comment elle peut être utilisée. La Blockchain et sa première application, le Bitcoin, sont devenus très populaires dans le secteur financier, avec de nombreuses banques internationales qui investissent[…]

Can Blockchain Stop Drug Counterfeiting?

  The World Health Organisation estimates 50 percent of drugs consumed in developing countries are counterfeit. Among them, the majority are anti-malarias and antibiotics. These fake drugs can harm the patients and fail to treat the diseases they are prescribed for. Moreover, using these drugs can create resistances to the original product.   Although developed[…]

10 Myths and Misconceptions About Blockchain

    Since blockchain first appeared in 2008, the number of people interested by the subject grew exponentially. Big companies invested millions in this technology and what was first seen as a « geek hobby » is becoming the next significant innovation of the 21st century. However, the more people hear about blockchain, the more they want[…]

Hello Tomorrow Global Summit: Science and Business Meet to Change the World

    Shaping the world of tomorrow with science and technology. This was the objective of the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit held in Paris on the 13th and 14th of October. The event brought together more than 2000 innovators from all over the world including researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and corporates. All the attendees had one[…]

Blockchain Startups Revolutionising the Healthcare Sector

    In the early days of blockchain, many startups focused on its most famous application, Bitcoin. But in the last few years, the technology developed and new applications emerged. Startups began innovating in healthcare, a sector that is in desperate need for change. From drug traceability, to medical records, many companies aim to use[…]