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Everything you need to know about Clubhouse, the new social media

Last week I took the stage in a fairly exclusive club. The theme of the evening was health tech and each participant was invited to raise their hand and take the stage to pitch their business It was my first time doing it. My heart was pounding and my hands were sweaty when I turned on my microphone to speak. I took a long breath and went for it.

This pitch did not take place on a traditional stage in a venue like we knew before the Covid-19 crisis. This pitch took place on a Clubhouse stage. « Club… what?! » are you wondering?

Clubhouse is an audio-only app for iPhone users and the latest trendy social network. The appearance of Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, on the platform in February 2021 marked a turning point and allowed Clubhouse to gather more than 2 million users.

So what exactly is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an iOS application that allows people to interact through audio only. The specificity of this platform is that it favors the creation of thematic groups around which users can meet to discuss freely. For example, there are clubs entirely dedicated to podcasts, content creation, cryptocurrency or fitness. Any center of interest can be the subject of a club and a space for discussion between enthusiasts or simple spectators.

Why should you join Clubhouse ?

  • Clubhouse allows you to interact with professionals outside of your industry on the basis of common interests. It therefore offers you the possibility of expanding your network and identifying opportunities outside your usual comfort zone.

  • Clubhouse requires no effort. No complicated procedure for setting up a room, no confusing threads of discussions. You start a conversation on Clubhouse as naturally as you would with the person sitting next to you at an event.

  • Clubhouse’s focus is on spontaneous and high-value exchanges rather than on rigid content leaving little room for interaction.

  • Clubhouse users have a limited number of invites they can send. It is therefore a small space with loyal users who care about the people to whom they open the doors of the platform.

How to join Clubhouse?

Like a selective club, to join Clubhouse you have to be invited. While we often tend to measure the success of a social network by the number of active members, the principle of Clubhouse is quite different. This is an exclusive network that immediately attracted entrepreneurs and elites from Silicon Valley.

However, if you are invited to join this platform. Here are some tips to get you started.

The first thing to do is to complete your bio. And you have to do it right ! It is the only written space of the application, making it a unique place to showcase your expertise and our accomplishments for other users. Write down your background, your strengths and the services you can offer.

Second thing, go to the little magnifying glass at the top left of the home page to find users and clubs you might want to follow. Type in the keywords that interest you and you'll see the wealth of groups you can join on Clubhouse.

Finally, third tip, do not hesitate to enter the rooms that you are interested in to discover how this ecosystem works and what is expected from speakers. During your first days on the app, get comfortable and identify the influencers in your field. And if you feel like it, raise your hand and step on stage!

Now that you are on the platform, here are some tips to grow your personal brand :

  • What is interesting about Clubhouse is the possibility of joining or creating engaged communities to expand your circle of influence. If you want to get started, you can create your own room on a topic that interests you or is your expertise. This will allow you to position yourself as a leader in the field. You then have to invite users to join and follow you.

  • The Clubhouse community is still quite small. You will therefore certainly have the opportunity to meet in a room with leaders in your industry. If this is the case you must do two things: raise your hand to go on stage and once you are there, focus on high value interventions to prove your expertise and get noticed by potential partners.

  • Clubhouse is a voice-only app. So you have to learn to master your voice in order to capture the attention of your audience. While there is nothing more natural than speaking, leading a relevant conversation is not that simple. Before you speak, take a deep breath to reduce your stress and allow your voice to settle down. If necessary, prepare a text in advance and take your time to speak.

  • Finally, don't forget to connect your Twitter or Instagram accounts to your Clubhouse account. Why ? Quite simply because once you have established your expertise, you need to offer your followers a way to find out more about you, follow your news and contact you!

I have been on Clubhouse for over a week now, and although I am no expert, I can definitely see the huge potential this app holds. In just a couple of days, I have talked to more people, gained more followers and made more meaningful connexions that in the past 2 months. I had the privilege to be in the same virtual room as people I admire and look up to. Overall, a pretty amazing experience !

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